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Addictions Counselling in Calgary

Addictions Counselling in Calgary.

Break free from the grip of addiction!

It doesn't matter whether the problem is sex, drugs, alcohol or gambling, addictions can, very quickly, become so central to a person's life that their lives are shattered and their closest relationships torn apart.

Our proven addictions counselling services give you back the control of your life by going beyond simple management of behaviour and addressing the root problems that drive issues of addiction.


You can regain power the power to decide, achieve freedom from dysfunctional thoughts or beliefs, master the skills needed to transform the, "Addictive mind," and achieve confidence in high-risk situations.

If you don't want to live in bondage any more, then read on to see how Henze & Associates can offer something truly different. A difference that lets you set yourself free:

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Change your beliefs and replace dysfunctional thoughts.

Two of the key dysfunctional beliefs that contribute to addictions are the beliefs that I do not have to deal with change and the belief that my thoughts do not matter. In reality, change is always happening and negative emotional states are primarily maintained by our dysfunctional thoughts and our enabling belief systems. The result is a deep sense that, "I am powerless over my feelings and, since I do not have control over my addictions anyway, the only way I have to cope with my feelings is to act out."

We give our addiction counselling clients in Calgary (and around the world) back control over those distorted beliefs and dysfunctional thoughts to restore balance to their thinking and correct negative emotional states. Our clients learn new ways of understanding change and new skills to cope with enabling thoughts so that they no longer have to fight addictive urges -- those urges have been replaced.

Understand and have confidence in high-risk situations.

We help our clients understand how core beliefs about what will create fulfillment and happiness create high-risk situations where it is much more likely they will act out in addictive ways. We help to change those core beliefs and develop the foundational skills needed to improve life and relationship so that needs are met, constructive patterns are built, replacement strategies for living without addiction are reinforced and a high level of fulfillment in life begins to push out even the desire to be in the particular settings where addictive behaviours seemed inevitable.

Though it rarely seems that way, addiction is a choice, you are not powerless and you can reclaim the ability to choose you never thought you had!

Avoid taking the shortcut of addiction by building relational support.

We help our clients develop new measuring-sticks for what will provide them with the greatest levels of fulfillment and happiness, and then we facilitate connections with support groups that work to fix addiction - instead of fostering long-term dependence. Building deep relationships with supportive people and helping our clients learn the skills to engage and to trust that relational support is essential to preventing relapse into addiction. There is no need to take the short cut of addiction when you have what you really long for.

Sometimes, that support also includes medical support, treatment centers and a wide array of other resources all focused on giving you back power over your addictions.

Learn key skills to address addictive issues yourself!

Only you can learn and apply the skills that allow you to achieve the happiness and fulfillment you deserve in your life. We help you gain confidence in coping with relational, emotional and addictive issues through communication/conflict resolution skills, setting boundaries, new habits of self care, cultivating assertiveness, learning meditation or relaxation and many other avenues of learning that lead to long term success at overcoming addictions yourself.

Experience something really different!

We're registered, certified by a national governing body and we offer something more: A unique faith based perspective of freedom and personal autonomy that fits with your world view and values and empowers you to make life-giving choices and change addictive behaviours.

Learn more and connect with us today.

If you've tried everything else, then perhaps it is time for something really different? Reach out today and see what Henze & Associates can offer you.

Learn more about that faith based perspective here or explore more about general addiction or sexual addiction on our blog.


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