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May we begin caring for you and your relationships immediately?

Whether you are seeking transformation in areas of marriage, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and stress, eating disorders, addiction, career or anger management, allow us to invite you to explore our ever expanding list of articles.

The article links on this page address specific issues of Christian Counselling, Family therapy, couples counselling and treatment for young children. General issue links are listed in the Henze & Associates Session Notes information portal

  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression
  • Psychotherapy

Articles about Christian Counselling:
Why choose Christian Counselling?
It's not just therapy offered by a Christian...

Articles about Grief and Loss:

Articles about Depression:
First steps of healing depression.
A road-map for the journey to recovery...

Articles about Psychotherapy:

Articles about Eating Disorders:

Articles about Couples Counselling:
Emotion Focused Couples counseling
Understanding the Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples we offer.

Couples Conflict Resolution
Soften That Start-Up for Better Conflict Resolution. (Guest Article)

Articles about Anxiety and Stress:
First steps of healing depression.
Coping with anxiety and stress, while fixing the real problem.

Articles about Anger Management:

Articles about Family Therapy:

Articles about Addiction:
Is Addiction A Choice?
If addiction really is a choice, then who would ever choose to be an addict?

Articles about Career Counselling:

Articles about therapy for Young Children:


Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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