Spiritual Direction Calgary: Does license equal legalism?

Spiritual Direction Calgary: Does license equal legalism?

Spiritual Direction Calgary: Does license equal legalism?

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So much of Christian society seems committed to the idea that those who do things that they disapprove of are living lives of licence – and that toeing the line (Legalism) would be a vast improvement in their state.

Many of them see Christian Counselling or Spiritual Direction as being little more than a means of enforcing such.

Yet, it takes only a few moments of thought to cast doubt on the idea:

Shovel Writings: Welcome Mat |

License to sin is not the result of “too much” liberty. It is the distortion of liberty … which is not liberty at all! It happens when you turn to the law (a principle, a rule, aka. “the right thing”) in the attempt to produce godliness. It comes from the consideration that some other good news can exist alongside of the ONLY good news. Freedom is turned into an opportunity for the flesh when freedom becomes just another word for the concept of getting closer to God by something that you do. The words are there, but they have been changed to mean something else.

Sin only gains its power through the law, not through freedom. It’s the law that captivates us with sin. Nothing of the Christian Counselling or the Spiritual Direction we offer to Calgary and all of Alberta has any focus on the law – because, contrary to legalism, we have no desire to give the power to sin.

Freedom, by its nature, creates a longing for good and to be fully human and fully alive. Because real liberty is about living and is the opposite of numbness and addiction.

Christian Counselling Calgary — it’s about more than just problems. It’s also about choosing a spiritual director and deciding to really live!

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