Permanent page added to this site: Role of women…

Permanent page added to this site: Role of women…

Permanent page added to this site: Role of women…

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What scripture really says about the role of women in marriage

For centuries, the church has been telling women that their role is to do what their husbands want and, if their husbands happen to be Godly, they will like it.
It’s time the church woke up and realized that if we are to continue demanding that women do everything men say as our definition of submission, then we also have to demand that people abandon their labour unions to do everything their employers say and bow to atrocities like abortion or mass murder that governments are perpetrating.

Jesus came to set us free from the bondage we were all under and part of that bondage was the war of power and control that is on between men and women. He came to set men free to be the powerful, relationally initiatory and passionate beings they were created to be and for women to finally again stand as the beautiful, relationally responsive and powerful life-giving beings they were created to be.

He is still calling us to be like the radical cultural revolutionary He was – not to be puppets. He came to tell us that the greatest among us was to be the servant of all. He came to teach us to love – not to avoid or to control. He came to declare war on injustice, on oppression, on the legalistic control that had enslaved His people and destroyed their hearts. He came to set the captives free to be fully human and fully alive. That applies equally to both men and women.

I just wonder if we in the church will ever stop shooting at each other long enough to stand side by side as sons and daughters of the Highest King and finally mobilize for the real war for the hearts and souls of the world.

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