A Testimony of Anointing/God’s presence

A Testimony of Anointing/God’s presence

A Testimony of Anointing/God’s presence

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Journaling Example 2:

“I was encouraged by this word as He confirmed that I am where
He wants me to be for now. I asked Him about anointing upon my life and His
direction for anointing for the present time. ‘Michael, you know that I
have anointed you for healing and teaching and in administrative gifts. Whatever
else I have for you will emerge as you learn. Always keep yourself open to
learning more. My revelation gifts are part of My grace. Never ever think or
believe you have arrived. Always there is more. Truth – seek the truth. Never be
content to rest in your current understanding. Press on, but be sure that it is
toward Me, always toward Me, rather than the “thing.” My blessing will be
yours. Michael, I love you.’ Lord, I love You, too. Thank You for
everything. You are beyond my understanding, but I want to press in,

I asked the Lord about maintaining the anointing.
‘Michael, you do need to become more aware of My abiding presence, for I am
with you wherever you go and whatever the circumstances. Fasting is more than
refraining from certain foods or going without at certain times. That can be,
and often is, nothing but religiosity and when it is that, it does not please
Me. Fasting is giving up something which you could have according to your
resources and opportunities and choosing instead to give those resources or
your time to Me. You go without for My sake. Yet, I do not need what you have
except that I choose to use you as an instrument of My generosity, or outreach.
So, going without food is beneficial to your body, for its cleansing from time
to time and will allow you to come closer to Me when you pray and seek My face.
Yet I would rather that you set for yourself a continual lifestyle of
self-sacrifice, joyfully walking in My ways in the Kingdom, enjoying the
benefits of being a consecrated vessel pouring out My provision, as the widow’s
jars did in Elijah’s time. This is what will maintain My anointing and My
presence and My ability to use you as a vessel submitted to Me. Love is the key,
is it not? That’s My new command and the key to entering into all Christian
activities. Look first to Me and love Me for Who I am. Let Me fill you with My
love. You will be motivated, gifted and anointed, consecrated to carry out My

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