Positive Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk

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Talk To Yourself:

“Scientists have discovered that self-talk sends the
same chemical messages to your brain as actual
experiences do. In other words, a negative thought
can make you feel as awful as a bad experience.
And unfortunately, most of us have lots of negative self-talk chattering away in our heads. Positive self-talk, on the other hand, can help you appreciate yourself, set goals and handle problems. But learning to “Cheer” your own self-talk and then changing the negative messages to positive ones takes practice.
Think of it as training for a big event. Practice increases the odds of success.

Fight Back With Questions

Certain thoughts can trigger a flood of negative emotions, leaving you frustrated, angry or unhappy.
Fight back by asking yourself questions. For example:

Words/Phrases To Watch Out For
I have to . . .
Ask Yourself: Why do I have to? What will happen if I

I can’t . . .
Why? Do I want to? What will it take to learn how to do this? What am I afraid might happen?

This isn’t fair . . .
Is it really unfair? Why? What can I do to influence a

I never . . .
Really? Or does it just feel that way now?”

I believe part of this is good, yet it doesn’t address needing God’s perspective to counter the lies. /

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