Giving and serving

Giving and serving

Giving and serving

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Ten Percent Tithe, 100 Percent Generosity:

“The poor widow came along, quietly giving only a
minuscule fraction of what everyone else had given.
Her offering hardly made a dent in the treasury plate,
yet Jesus commended her above everyone else. Why?
Because she gave out of her need. She gave all that
she had %u2014 her entire income %u2014 and she gave it away
gladly, trusting in her heavenly Father to provide.
This story shows that God is not concerned with the
exact amount of money you give but the attitude with
which you%u2019re giving it. God wants us to give, like this
widow, even in times of need, because it causes us to
depend on Him to provide. This enables us to see Him
work in unimaginable ways!
Giving Out of Love

Have you experienced the feeling of caring about
someone so much that you wanted to do anything you
could to please that person? In your desire for her
happiness, did you forget completely about yourself?
This is a tiny picture of how God feels about us. If we
are capable of even a hint of selfless love, in all of our
imperfections, how much more does the Creator of the
universe, the essence of perfection know how to
shower us with good things? (See 1 Timothy 6:17-19.)

Where would we be if God%u2019s generosity to us
depended on our deserving it? What a fix we would be
in! %u201CIt does not, therefore, depend on man%u2019s desire or
effort, but on God%u2019s mercy%u201D (Romans 9:16). Knowing the
extent to which we are loved should compel us to love
others in the same way.”

This article stresses the heart posture in giving.

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