Secrets of Much More Satisfying Sexuality

Secrets of Much More Satisfying Sexuality

Secrets of Much More Satisfying Sexuality

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How to Have Great Sex Every Time

Sexual response was measured in couples involved in committed relationships — before and after receiving CAT training. Prior to learning CAT, only 23% of the women reported achieving orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis. After CAT, that figure jumped to 77%. Before CAT, no women reported having regular simultaneous orgasms with their partners. Afterward, one-third of the women reported doing so.

Almost all participants reported at least some improvement in their sex lives following CAT training. In fact, the only participants who failed to benefit were those whose relationships were already jeopardized by nonsexual factors.

We in the church should be having the best sex on earth — sadly, it is more often then not a guilt ridden and bumbling affair.

The vast majority of women never experience orgasm through penetrative sex. For most, it is not the result of an inconsiderate husband such as is so often parodied on television. It is usually the result of ignorance (on the part of both husband and wife) of sexual techniques and skills.

This article is a solid explanation of one such skill set called the Coital Alignment Technique. (CAT) CAT is a clinically researched sexual position that allows clitoral stimulation during penetrative intercourse.

Someone you love will thank you tonight — once you get it figured out.

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