Will He/She Ever Like Me?

Will He/She Ever Like Me?

Will He/She Ever Like Me?

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“Does she go out of her way to be near you? You know, like when you u’re sitting with the guys at youth group . . . and she just happens to be in a seat right behind you (on more than one occasion!).
Do you sense that she’s making an effort to talk to you? I don’t mean the Glad you’re here-type of small talk. Is she trying to get to know you through conversation? Is she genuinely interested in your life?
Is she flirting with you? Whether we realize it or not, girls and guys flirt the same way: awkward body movements, goofy grins, dreamy stares.
Bottom line: Don’t try to force romance. Keep your cool, muster up the courage and make an effort to befriend a lot of girls. You’ll know when the right one likes you.”

This are some good guidelines and discernment tools to help determine if a guy/girl will be interested in you romantically.

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