How to Know Whether To Marry or Stay

How to Know Whether To Marry or Stay

How to Know Whether To Marry or Stay

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Stop Test-Driving Your Girlfriend

“So your goal should not be to date her long enough
until you’re confident marriage won’t be hard, but to date her
just long enough to discern if you’re willing
to love her sacrificially, and if she’s willing to respond to that
kind of love.

Remember that to commit does not mean to

Does this mean you should just ‘settle’ for the first
Christian woman who comes along? No, not at all. You should be
making this decision in light of the qualities held out in Scripture
for a godly wife, and you should marry the godliest, most
fruitful, most spiritually beautiful woman you can convince to
have you.

But you also need to be aware that you live in a culture that
says the ultimate good in life is to always keep your options
open, and that any commitment is inevitably ‘settling’ for less
than you could have tomorrow. You must reject that kind of
thinking for the worldly garbage that it is. Did Jesus Christ settle
for the church? No, he loved the church, and gave his life as a
ransom for her (Mark 10:45).”

This is a really good article on discussing the importance of grace being revealaed in your partners as the days pass. I don’t agree with the sin paragraph.

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