Metaphors of Who Women Are in Christ

Metaphors of Who Women Are in Christ

Metaphors of Who Women Are in Christ

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So What Are You?:

Piece of Clay.We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work
of your hand (Isaiah 64:8). As a child did you ever play
with clay? Not Play-Doh but real clay. Being a lump of
clay doesn’t sound very appealing, but it can be formed
to make beautiful vases, bowls, plates and other fine
A potter takes a piece of clay and spins it on a wheel,
molding and adding water, molding and adding water.
Sometimes as the potter is working, he has to cut off
pieces. Sometimes he has to add a lot of pressure in
order for the clay to shape correctly. But he never
leaves. He never gives up. The clay relaxes in his
hands, and he shapes and molds until he’s made a
unique and beautiful work of art. And what are God’s
works of art? You and me!”

This is a great analogy of the Holy Spirit and the surrender of our will to God revealing who were are truly in Christ by faith.

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