The war on journalism???

The war on journalism???

The war on journalism???

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Transterrestrial Musings

“Now Sunera, let’s try this again. All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore…?”

Sunera frowns, and sweat appears on her forehead. Hesitantly, she ventures, “Therefore…Socrates is the basis of male-centered western patriarchal violence that continues to brutalize women and grind them under its bootheels…?”

“No, Sunera,” the therapist explains patiently. “We’re practicing logic here. Lo-gic. Remember what I told you about logic?”

I close the door quietly. It will indeed be a long and hard road.

As I leave, I see a general at the entrance with a doctor, staring at the row of beds.

“Where do they find people like this?,” he asks in amazement.

The doctor answers, quietly, “As long as there are schools of journalism, we will never run out…”

One of the most striking effects the advent of personal publishing platforms/blogging and other less then million-dollar mass market publishing strategies has created is the inability of mass media to any longer expect that they represent the only voice. No one has summed it up any better then this author.

The rest of the articles on this site are brilliant as well.

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