Send your kids to college and cancel out their faith?

Send your kids to college and cancel out their faith?

Send your kids to college and cancel out their faith?

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In his book University of Destruction, David Wheaton cites research by Dr. Gary Railsback and the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. Wheaton wrote, “Depending on the type of college attended, as many as 51% of students who claimed to be ‘born-again Christians’ as freshmen said they were no longer born-again Christians four years later.”

What is striking to me is not the presence of this article or the stats that it presents — it’s the solutions it offers: Just believe, don’t think about yourself as inferior and maybe read about your faith — but not too much — just enough so you know who to ask if you get into trouble…

Christianity is the most logically consistent and defensible faith in the world and the best advice that can be offered to students is to not think of themselves as second class students? How about sending students to read the collected works of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Dr. James Sire and C.S. Lewis? (Or at least a somewhat lame compilation like Josh McDowell’s work, “Evidence that demands a verdict?”) How about teaching them how to take on a philosophy professor, to think beneath the arguments presented and attack the faulty thinking that allows philosophy professors to do the damage they do? How about, at the very least, getting these students to read Schaeffer’s work, “The God who is there?”

These students are victims because they do not know how to think. They fail to grasp basic logic and they lack the knowledge base to back any skills in logic anyway. Continuing to present hayseed-simple answers like this only serves to convince students that they really just believe old fairy tales. These schools are not stripping faith from our children — they are just exposing that we have so failed to love God with all of our minds that (In the absence of that foundation) the faith wasn’t really there to begin with.

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