Spiritual Dryness and Motivation

Spiritual Dryness and Motivation

Spiritual Dryness and Motivation

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From the Heart:

” I feel spiritually dead when I don’t take the time to get in the Word or write in my prayer journal. I have a responsibility to be a mouthpiece for God when doing shows, so I know I need to be as spiritually stable as I can be.
When Krystal is on the road, it’s easy to make up excuses for not spending time in the Word, but when she hasn’t taken that time, she says her shows are terrible.
Without starting my day by asking God, How do You want to use me today? I walk around in a zombie-state, she says. I don’t want to play my guitar. I don’t have the drive to get up and practice, sound check or do my vocal warm ups. I feel like a vegetable.
Describing herself as stubborn, Krystal says getting that motivation back sometimes requires God knocking on her heart, saying, I miss talking with you.”

After reading this point, I realized I felt this way the majority of my school and teen years. I also needed someone to encourage and challenge me in the faith.

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