God Will Move Us Because Christ is In Us

God Will Move Us Because Christ is In Us

God Will Move Us Because Christ is In Us

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Shovel Writings: Walking in faith?:

“ He just says, in God’s own way and in His own time He will move us out of the desert and into Life … we ARE in Life now, ‘in Christ … he always stressed about ‘being real’
Shovel: how so?
Friend: ‘being true to yourself and what we feel on the inside … never was our identity in Christ taught
Shovel:   🙁 … wow, what a trap … it is amazing how easily our thoughts can be pulled from our true life
Friend: he stressed how all things are lawful … yes, and they are, we can truly live any way we want
Shovel: and we call that, ” being real“ huh?
Friend: but, BUT we have a New Life in Christ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shovel: yes I used to hold to a particular view … about Romans 6 … and walking in Newness of Life … I heard it from a couple of other guys … it didn’t seem right. … It was this – that until you come to count upon that fact …. reckoning, it is called … until you ”reckon“ yourself dead unto sin and alive unto God … you cannot walk in newness of life. ”

This is a stimulating dialogue. When we walk in what is already true, the risen Christ/we are dead to sin, this is walking in faith. May it be so.

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