• Believing Vs We Have Been Brought Into Faith
    Believing Vs We Have Been Brought Into Faith
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    Shovel Writings: The Application of Grace:

    “As far as believing goes, we have been brought into faith. It’s going on the whole time. We become so sure that we don’t even believe Him so often, but then we find ourselves believing Him even though we find nothing left in ourselves. His Spirit witnesses with our spirits that we are His offspring even though everything around us demands that this is not possible. We do become quite aware of this real dependence from time to time, but the mistake is to think that our faith comes and goes. The truth is that WE grow in IT. I am amazed as how often I saw myself as being OUTSIDE of this faith, instead of being wrapped up inside it!!! :)Know this, that your ”miracle“ ears hear Him and you are encouraged and uplifted in faith in so many ways. Of course you will sense yourself being built up sometimes when reading or hearing the written words of the Bible (both the old writings, and the letters of the apostles). You will also discover the same in your encounters throughout the day – especially when you recognize how free you are to hear God in EVERYTHING!!”

    This is a clear article on the whole disagreement about when you are saved/have a good heart. We do not have to try/apply, because like a bandage, it will come off The reason is: it is not a part of us. The Good News is that Christ, His qualities and risenness are, for He is in you!!!

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  • Humanness Not Sin
    Humanness Not Sin
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    Shovel Writings: In Fear and Trembling:


    The miracle of His Life is the miraculous ability to be what He was – fully human!
    To be fully human – naked and not ashamed, what scintillating delight!!
    The brutal honesty of His love shatters the illusions of prominence and importance………it frees me to be wholly His.

    Back to Top”

    This is an excellent support that God took away sin. It is through our weaknesses that God’s reality of love shines through us.

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  • Giving the King/Prince Your Heart
    Giving the King/Prince Your Heart
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    A hero will go through anything to keep an admiring princess by his side.These qualities of princesses from long ago are still the virtues that attract a prince today…. Like Mia in The Princess Diaries, all you need to do is practice them through the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s not just a wish or a fairy tale, it’s the wonderful truth.“This is a captivating article for teenage girls.

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  • Heaven on Earth
    Heaven on Earth
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    Shovel Writings: To him who overcomes:

    “This may sound like a denial of reality in view of what you and I see happening in ourselves and would call it anything but ”walking in Christ“, but it is the denial of this reality of our life being in Christ that hurts so many believers and has them reflecting anything but Christ! When we forget who we are, we act and think as insane men, as men of this world. What we need is to be snapped out of the insanity!!! And the ONLY reality by which this can happen is through the miraculous ”hearing“ whereby we KNOW who we really are.
    All of the things mentioned to ”he who overcomes“ are the REALITIES of our inheritance in Christ. These are not ”rewards“ such as may be missed out on … ”FOR ALL THINGS BELONG TO YOU, AND YOU BELONG TO CHRIST; AND CHRIST BELONGS TO GOD.“ (1 Cor. 3:22-23),”

    This is an excellent article on that Christ took away sin despite appearances.

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  • IBS and mind Fog
    IBS and mind Fog
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    Colon Cleansing, Constipation, IBS, Colonix, Cleanse, Detox – Online Resource:“Research clearly proves that our bodies are not capable of eliminating all the different toxins and chemicals we inhale and ingest every day. They simply accumulate in our cells (especially fat cells), tissues, blood, organs (such as the colon, liver and brain) and remain stored for an indefinite length of time causing all kinds of health problems. I can’t show you a picture of what this pollut”This is the information a naturopath gave me for IBS and mind fog.

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  • Salvation Not Found in My Will
    Salvation Not Found in My Will
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    Shovel Writings: Man-Centered Gospel:

    “ What is needed is the revelation from God that brings confidence that all revolves around His Son and the work HE has done. For we have received all spiritual blessings IN HIM. The words will follow as the heart is settled. The beautiful part is that those words don’t have to mimic somebody else’s words, but instead, will be full of life.”

    This is a good concise article on the tension between my salvation being up to me or God. The conflict is between the witness of the Spirit and the outside. I pray we walk in the truth of what we have known all along.

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  • Living Under Law/Gulit VS Living Out Jesus
    Living Under Law/Gulit VS Living Out Jesus
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    Shovel Writings: Living In Sin:“What kind of gospel leaves you in theunknown regarding the very premise of the actual ”good news“ of Christ,which is full confidence in one’s relationship to God throughChrist? What kind of gospel causes you to think it’s all aboutwhat you do or don’t do, when the good news declares that it’s notabout you at all but all about Christ and what he has done and is nowdoing?… Perhaps yourshame is linked to a ”gospel“ that is more about your successes andfailures than about Christ.”This is an excellent article clearly stating the two positions.

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  • Emphasis on Christ in Us Not Us Having More Faith
    Emphasis on Christ in Us Not Us Having More Faith
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    Shovel Writings: The Absurd Gospel:

    “While many have emphasized Paul’s statement, ”Therefore as you have RECEIVED Christ Jesus the Lord, so WALK in Him“, is it not possible that Paul’s intended emphasis would look more like this: ”Therefore as you have received CHRIST JESUS THE LORD, so walk in HIM“? What’s the difference? One revolves around us, the other around Christ.”

    This is an excellent article on fear conditionalizing grace. We need to show mercy to law thinkers because we all have been so steeped in it. It is hard to understand let alone explain.

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  • Fleshy Rightness Vs God Renewing the Mind
    Fleshy Rightness Vs God Renewing the Mind
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    Shovel Writings: The Renewing of the Mind:

    “The religious lie of this world would have us suspect our problems are found by running after SIN, when in fact, we’ve been tricked into pursuing a fleshly ”RIGHTNESS“ … which is nothing but LAW!  ”

    When we are concerned about what we say/do as opposed to who were are in the risen Christ, this is the law of the Pharisees. Jesus spoke against them. Maybe with our parenting we need to say to them,“ live out Christ and His love that is in you.” With our spouses and family/friends maybe we need to think of them/ourselves in terms of the life of Jesus in all situations/them, rather than the fleshy logic of sin. We all can verify the presence of sin, but it takes faith to not judge the Spirit by appearances.

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