• Fleshy Rightness Vs God Renewing the Mind
    Fleshy Rightness Vs God Renewing the Mind
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    Shovel Writings: The Renewing of the Mind:

    “The religious lie of this world would have us suspect our problems are found by running after SIN, when in fact, we’ve been tricked into pursuing a fleshly ”RIGHTNESS“ … which is nothing but LAW!  ”

    When we are concerned about what we say/do as opposed to who were are in the risen Christ, this is the law of the Pharisees. Jesus spoke against them. Maybe with our parenting we need to say to them,“ live out Christ and His love that is in you.” With our spouses and family/friends maybe we need to think of them/ourselves in terms of the life of Jesus in all situations/them, rather than the fleshy logic of sin. We all can verify the presence of sin, but it takes faith to not judge the Spirit by appearances.

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