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Shovel Writings: The Word made Flesh:

“ I thank the Lord when the angels said peace on earth toward men because of Jesus Christ. This year my eyes have been open to the true peace which is resting in the work of God threw Jesus Christ. Knowing He lives in me and made me one with Himself. I am so thankful that He has given me a new life to identify with and that we have peace with God threw Jesus Christ.I thank the Lord for opening peoples eyes to this truth Love

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Shovel Writings The SHOVELETTER : Random Letters 2001
Re: The Word made Flesh

Posted: Sep-06-03 by the shovel 
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Dan, I am thrilled that you are seeing your reality in Christ – for this is true freedom!!!”

This is an excellent article stating there needs to be Peace of earth because of Jesus rising on the cross. It is what the angels proclaimed after His birth. This is our reality in Christ which is true freedom. When we let Jesus walk through us as He really is, this is our Freedom to be truly alive.

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