Performance Vs God’s Measureless Grace

Performance Vs God’s Measureless Grace

Performance Vs God’s Measureless Grace

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Shovel Writings: The grace of an ’A’:

“In rebuilding a system of performance relationships are severed. For we not only find ourselves at odds with one another but also with our own selves – and we also insist that GOD relates to us on the same basis. But the grace of Christ is measureless. His riches cannot be determined by any standard of the man. And it has no lines by which to attach a score.
So, how are we to live in a world that is built upon such a system of measure? Simple. Live as one who has been made alive. Don’t you know that the measuring system of the world is NOT your measuring system? Don’t you know that you ALREADY have within you the life that the world only PRETENDS to achieve? If we are going to operate within the world we will often be forced to take its tests, but the world’s evaluation of you is irrelevant for your worth is in Christ. Don’t spiritualize the world’s system, instead, see it for what it is. The difference between grace and law will become increasingly obvious!!”

This is a good article on how even grace can be measured. However, we are still operating under the world’s system, which we are not to do. The laws of the land are God’s administration so the world does not destroy itself.

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