• Overreaching Relationships
    Overreaching Relationships
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    Give it some time to let the awkwardness and pain go away before trying to be best buds with the girl…. Sounds like you’re trying to put words in her mouth—and feelings in her heart…. The lesson to remember here is that when a girl says she doesn’t like you like that, she means .

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  • Physical Relationship Questions
    Physical Relationship Questions
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    After all, prolonged kissing won’t make you a sex addict, will it?“No…. While your lips are busy, there’s nothing to do with your hands…. It has to do with the level of true commitment one has with each other.

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  • Why Do I Want A Serious Relationship?
    Why Do I Want A Serious Relationship?
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    Yeah, we know: She’s fun, pretty, spiritually strong, and a good friend. You love hanging out with her, and you’ve started wondering about taking things to the next level—you know, a relationship…. And you’re getting great practice in learning how to relate to the opposite sex.So in all your deep contemplation, ask yourself these questions:• Why do I want this girl friend to become my girlfriend?“These are some excellent questions to ask regarding the timing of a serious relationship.

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