No Comparisons

No Comparisons

No Comparisons

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Shovel Writings: Christ & Him Crucified:

“He then went on to throw their screwed up experiences in their faces, NOT TO SHAME THEM, but to drive home the reality of what the wisdom of the world had convinced them of and brought them to.  His major questions were, ”DON’T YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?“  … ”DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT THE WISDOM OF THE WORLD PRODUCES?“ … ”DON’T YOU KNOW THE TWO WISDOMS CANNOT MIX?“.
”AMONG YOU“ … How do you view me?  How do you view yourself?

  One will demand the other.  Compare me with yourself or with your group or with your standards and you have evaluated yourself by how well you rate in comparison to me or with those standards!  Rate me by how many doctrines I agree with you on and you have automatically rated yourself as the standard by which I am to be judged in the matter.  Put me under the law and eventually, you will have no option but to put yourself under law.  It’s what the Corinthians were doing … and it’s what you and I also fall into.
View me in the living, risen Christ, the one who has been separated from everything to do with the world …… OR ……… view me in relation to how well I rate in comparison to your world.  There are no other options.”

An Excellent discussion that we are to only see Jesus in others and not compare them to us. May it be so.

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