Performance Vs Freedom

Performance Vs Freedom

Performance Vs Freedom

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Shovel Writings: Galatians 4:

“The issue of belonging to God is one of legitimacy. In other words, who is the rightful heir? As with Abraham’s sons, the APPEARANCE of being first in line is an illusion. The miracle child was harassed by his older brother. And it shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the motivation – this stupid little kid was getting his inheritance! Ishmael’s taunts would have been designed to undermine Isaac’s sense of identity, which is the same questioning of your own identity as a rightful heir of God through Christ.

How many times has your ”salvation“ been questioned? How many times has it been suggested that you don’t really belong to Him or have a lower standing? How many doctrines have categorized you as illegitimate – as a bastard? Haven’t you noticed that the productivity of the flesh always questions the productivity of the Spirit? Its message is that you cannot trust the freedom to produce anything of worth! But if you hear the simple lesson of Sarah and Abraham you will find that you have a reason to rejoice when you can’t see any fruit … or when it appears as if nothing is happening!

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This is a good article on the deadness of performance as opposed to the fruit of freedom.

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