Are all People Beleivers

Are all People Beleivers

Are all People Beleivers

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Shovel Writings: The Whisper:

“This is not blasphemy.  There is no suggestion that God has created any new deities, but He HAS made us SHARERS of HIS divine nature (yeah, Peter believed it, too! 2 Peter 1:4).

  Don’t you get it?  An entirely new thing happened when God invaded human history and became a man!  He joined the creation of forevermore with the creator!   Then he killed the old creation when he died and rose as the head of the new creation.  We truly are new creations, and Christ is the substance, the core, the life of our new identity!
And the deceiver has whispered in your ear. It is the same thing he said to Jesus. ” If you are the son of God then let’s see some proof!“

This is another thought-provoking article. Is Christ really in us?

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