Late risers unite in Denmark

Late risers unite in Denmark

Late risers unite in Denmark

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A B-person – as opposed to an A-person – genetically pre-disposed to operate better and to be more alert later in the day.

Denmark it seems is full of B-people. So where better to form the B-society?

Six months after it was set up, it already boasts several thousand members.

Now it is campaigning hard for businesses to sign up to its B-certification list.

These guys — and especially the software company that allows you to show up to work whenever you want — are officially my new heroes. I’m almost ready to renounce my citizenship and move overseas… I just knew that someone, somewhere, had to understand that morning people need help and that it’s PERFECTLY normal to find the sun a significant and soothing contributor to the urge to sleep!

(BTW: for all you morning people among us — there is drug treatment available for the problem…)[GRIN]

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