• True Communion
    True Communion
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    Shovel Writings: 1 Corinthians 11:“”For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep“I think he was referring to their obvious conditions during the celebration (something you had asked me about as I remember)…. Others ate and drank all day.Many were weak – it was in direct relation to the arrogance of those who despised them…. But even when this happens God is not forsaking us but is continually disciplining (training as children) us. For if He didn’t stay with us in this we would be condemned along with the world.Listen to the simplicity of this one thing that Paul suggests: wait for one another.

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  • True Counsel
    True Counsel
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    And in this, we ourselves are blessed for we end up reminding ourselves of our true “righteousness” at the same time. And then, when that brother (or sister) is “restored” all are encouraged and reminded that this life is indeed miraculous.“This is a great article on where our encouragement for restoration needs to be and the way it is achieved. It is only through reminding one another of their and our righteousness in Christ.

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  • What is God Saying to The Church
    What is God Saying to The Church
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    Shovel Writings: What about God’s anger against the churches in Revelation?:“Attention can be given to discernment while forgetting the simplicity of Christ (Ephesus)…. I do believe it gave much encouragement to the believers as they went through the great persecution that followed. It reminded them that the blessings of ”the overcomers“ (this only fits in the context of the miraculous work of Christ …

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  • Victory Everyday
    Victory Everyday
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    Shovel Writings: Overcoming?:“John addressed them so that they would KNOW that he was speaking to the MIRACLE OF CHRIST WITHIN THEM…. ”For whatever is born of God OVERCOMES THE WORLD; and this is the victory that has OVERCOME THE WORLD – our FAITH.“… Faith is NOT something we have done, or something that we do, but is a description of the ACTUAL (not ATTEMPTED) dependency of those who have been inserted into the vine (Christ).

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