True Communion

True Communion

True Communion

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Shovel Writings: 1 Corinthians 11:

“”For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep“
I think he was referring to their obvious conditions during the celebration (something you had asked me about as I remember).  These were probably all-day affairs.  Some came hungry and left hungry.  Others ate and drank all day.
Many were weak – it was in direct relation to the arrogance of those who despised them.

Many were sick – while some had nothing, others were gorging themselves on food and drink. A number sleep – drunk and passed out.
All because of how they viewed themselves and each other.  The coming together for judgment is the very real performance-based judgment they were manifesting toward one another.  If we judged ourselves rightly this wouldn’t be happening among us because we would be viewing one another through Christ.  But even when this happens God is not forsaking us but is continually disciplining (training as children) us.  For if He didn’t stay with us in this we would be condemned along with the world.
Listen to the simplicity of this one thing that Paul suggests: wait for one another.  It is a message of their common unity in Christ.”

This is an exciting article on the meaning of true communion! It offer hope that sin is no longer an issue for believers or unbelievers! The Good News of Jesus raises those still dead and convinces those who have been alive as to the life of Jesus in them!!!

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