What is God Saying to The Church

What is God Saying to The Church

What is God Saying to The Church

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Shovel Writings: What about God’s anger against the churches in Revelation?:

“Attention can be given to discernment while forgetting the simplicity of Christ (Ephesus). It is important to realize that suffering is all part of life in Christ (Smyrna). When the stumbling block -law- is taught, sin is produced (Pergamum). Be careful of those ”ministers“ who promote themselves (Thyatira).

”Form“ can give the illusion of godliness but there is no life in it (Sardis). Encouragement to hold fast is worthwhile (Philadelpia). Looking at ourselves stimulates a self-righteousness (Laodicea). There is much more in this. I do believe it gave much encouragement to the believers as they went through the great persecution that followed. It reminded them that the blessings of ”the overcomers“ (this only fits in the context of the miraculous work of Christ … see 1 John 5:4&5) would eventually be revealed. ”

This is an excellent synopsis of hearing what the Spirit says to the churches.

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