• How the Good News Flows Through Us
    How the Good News Flows Through Us
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    As I had already summarized these in a previous Shoveletter I’ll just paste it below:LOVE FROM A PURE HEART: Would Paul be referring to anything other than the love that flows from a heart that has been purified by the power of the risen Christ and indwelt by the Spirit of God?… It is in hearing the good news of Christ that our hearts are stimulated to real love for one another for it declares WHO our real life is and WHO is also our real connection with one another.A GOOD CONSCIENCE: This is nothing less than a conscience that has been set free from sin and made alive to God through Christ. This is the conscience of one who is given confidence through the good news of Christ that there is NO MORE remembrance of sin.A SINCERE FAITH: Sincere means genuine or real, and it has nothing to do with that pathetic ATTEMPT at sincerity that is often thrust upon us by the religious mind.

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