Trying vs Resting in Christ in Me

Trying vs Resting in Christ in Me

Trying vs Resting in Christ in Me

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Q&A: How do I allow Christ to live thru me?:

“”I was trying.“ Through repeated attempts, I was failing again and again. >>>I don’t think we ever really get to an end of our ”trying“, but our Father builds within us a quicker recognition of these vain attempts. It’s cool to find yourself thinking, ”Been there, done that!“ as you become more and more convinced that everything else is futile, except Christ … who is in us.”

This is a very good article regarding focusing on thanking God for giving us continued insights. this is to cause us to recognize the difference between trying and God’s doing in us. It is also a good discussion on the desires we have within us to please/love our parents and God. The fact God loves you has also been embedded in us.

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