Do We Have Two Natures?

Do We Have Two Natures?

Do We Have Two Natures?

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Q&A: Can someone “walking in the Spirit” believe he has 2 natures?:

“it’s not surprising to discover that even ”scriptural“ points of view will get infused with the very same fleshly attitude of the one telling it.  As a prime example, I’m sure both of us have heard God’s wonderful grace incorporated into an arrogant doctrinal stance where those who ”hold“ it will somehow see themselves as if they deserve it.  Well, enough of that, you had another question, didn’t you?  :)”

This is a good article that explores two senses of walking the Spirit.
1.) As believers, we are always in the Spirit
2.) We either live by the frame of mind that we walk by our efforts or by grace. I pray God allows it to be clear for all of us.

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