Think On Your Own With God’s Perspective

Think On Your Own With God’s Perspective

Think On Your Own With God’s Perspective

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Q&A: Learning grace:

“ I wrote to him quite a few times after that but never heard back from him till this day.It was a very hurtful, but VERY strengthening time of my life. As much as I had learned from it, I saw how systematic theology was easily maneuvered to establish a measuring stick to judge another’s spirituality to determine if someone ”gets it“ or not. I have come to see that ALL spiritual knowledge is exactly that: spiritual. No one achieves a higher level because they understand more. You know what I have learned from all my understanding from Him?

That in Him there are no differences because His Spirit has truly made us one!! True understanding comes as my ”measuring sticks“ keep getting snapped and I once again have my eyes opened to the measureless life of Christ who is MY life. Wow!! 🙂<<< God has worked on my heart (he is so patient!) for many years, teaching me his precious grace. I am a slow learner :-) >>>It sounds like you and I have MUCH in common. It has taken a LONG time for me to learn of this grace … but I think that this is the only way we really learn it. Oh, some may learn an awful lot of ”information“ about the grace of Christ (I’ve had that happen from time to time), but since grace is NOT a ”doctrine“ but LIFE itself it is slowly being worked through us. It truly is so much better than just getting some kind of ”degree of achievement“, isn’t it? :)”

This is a great article on only judging all truth by God. May it be so.

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