Religion vs Faith in Jesus

Religion vs Faith in Jesus

Religion vs Faith in Jesus

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Q&A: Using the Bible to promote bogus religion:

“We have come to speak in terms of ”believing“ when the word ”opinion“ would more accurately describe our relation to the concept or idea that is being discussed or declared.

But we don’t usually want to say we ”THINK“, or that this thing is our ”opinion“ because it sounds less authoritative or less personal or perhaps, less godly and more scientific.  The fact of the matter is that our religious world has presented us with the idea that our ”beliefs“ consist of the teachings we hold, instead of IN WHOM we believe – and this has created MANY bogus ideas.  Are you following me so far, ”

This is a very good article that outlines the problems with why people blindly follow what they think the Bible says. It seems right. When we claim a verse we are standing in agreement with God. We were taught we had to believe the Bible so we would know what was true — but we were never taught to think over what it is, who it was written to or what it was written to accomplish.

Fear of infidelity towards God causes so many people to hang on to lies that others have told them.

God give us Your discernment to give You the fear. Cleanse us from it completely. Amen.

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