Sick of religion yet???

Sick of religion yet???

Sick of religion yet???

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An attitude that is prevalent among Christians today is: “God’s grace gives us the ability to live up to His law.” We recognize that we are saved by grace and would even call someone a heretic who said otherwise. But when it comes to living the Christian life, many think it is done through obedience to the law. What we are doing is commingling law and grace.

You see, God did not intend for us to try to live up to the standards of the law. He knew that it was an impossibility for us. Because we can’t, the law continues to condemn us by showing us our sinfulness. That is what Paul meant when he said in Galatians 2:18, “If I rebuild what I destroyed, I prove that I am a lawbreaker.” The law condemns us before salvation. And if we try to live up to it as a Christian, it continues to condemn us. That is the law’s purpose.

This was sent to me earlier today. I haven’t read the whole site but what I have read is refreshing. Bob George seems to be a rather remarkable exception to the legalism driven reconstituted-Judaism that passes as Christianity in about 95% of Evangelical churches in North America. (And I’m being charitable at 95%)

He’s clear, blunt, loud, unswerving and he appears to be taking it onto the airwaves — where he’s not flinching as he publicly renders Christians permanently uncontrollable to the pulpits of their former slave drivers.

Now, if we could only find about 5000 more of him in all different nationalities to drown out the noise of Rick Warren, Ted Haggard, Chuck Colson, Steve Arterburn, Doug Weiss and their ilk (And perhaps raise up a lynch mob or two as well…), the conversion of the entire world would be nearly a forgone conclusion. The Gospel is just too good to resist — that kind of love is irresistible…

But, that would require untold thousands of ministers to somehow manage to get over the grief of loosing control of their congregations to Jesus…

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