Two brilliant heart-cries from the fallout of Christian Patriarchy.

Two brilliant heart-cries from the fallout of Christian Patriarchy.

Two brilliant heart-cries from the fallout of Christian Patriarchy.

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Disclaimer: There ARE many, MANY home school families which are simply that – families, often with one parent a former professional educator, which have chosen to educate their children at home. We can certainly debate the relative merits of those systems! But, in all of that exploration, it needs to be understood that this post IS NOT ABOUT THOSE HOME SCHOOLERS!!!

FYI: Quiverfull is basically a website pretending to be a populist movement that uses notions of its own grandeur mixed with nonsense theology and fear-mongering about contraception as a means of first legitimizing itself and then allowing its adherents (Read: Bill Gothard etc…) a mechanism for inflicting it upon others. It is as much an expression of a fundamentalist evangelical world view as it is an attempt to remake society into its own patriarchal image through a strategy of aggressive and unrestricted reproduction merged with a system of guilt and fear based indoctrination for children done under the guise of home schooling, courtship based dating and purity ring ceremonies.

The two links below are simply heart felt reflections of the stories of (now adult) children subjected to this fundamentalist ideology and the damage it left on their hearts, minds and their ability to form healthy intimate relationships:

The first is about what education actually took place – or not.

The second is about the impact of an ideology, the courtship movement, that has expanded well beyond the borders of this fringe group.

They NEED to be heard.

Both of these posts are brilliant in their own right at exposing what so many have predicted for years would be the fallout of this dynasty, but the second author makes a statement that simply must be highlighted:

Faced with failure, most people don’t accept their mistakes but instead, cling more dogmatically to the same beliefs that created their errors.

Truer words have rarely been spoken. Think about it:

In a world where a desperate cry to fundamentally change education is coming even from technology authors (Seth Godin), where churches are emptying in droves, where those remaining seem to have the highest failure of adherence to the moral/sexual ideology they espouse and where the financial ideology ultra-right findamentalism promoted has seen its innate insustainability become the genesis of riots in the streets, one would think that we would see a wholesale departure from those ideals.

Or something… 

Actually, they’re alive, well, massively expanding for the 2012 season and busy blitzing this across the Internet…

Because, unless people with hearts for freedom stop hiding our heads in the sand, acting like this is just some other theological perspective and not speaking out on the reality that this is about the harshest form of subjugation that could be devised for women short of adding a burqa to the picture, they’re never gonna knock it off…

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