Lets hear it for sanity – from the psychological community…

Lets hear it for sanity – from the psychological community…

Lets hear it for sanity – from the psychological community…

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New York Times

I write this despite the so-called Goldwater Rule, an ethical standard the American Psychiatric Association adopted in the 1970s that directs psychiatrists not to comment on someone’s mental state if they have not examined him and gotten permission to discuss his case. It has had a chilling effect. After mass murders, our airwaves are filled with unfounded speculations about video games, our culture of hedonism and our loss of religious faith, while psychiatrists, the ones who know the most about severe mental illness, are largely marginalized.

Severely ill people like Mr. Lanza fall through the cracks, in part because school counsellors are more familiar with anxiety and depression than with psychosis. Hospitalizations for acute onset of schizophrenia have been shortened to the point of absurdity. Insurance companies and families try to get patients out of hospitals as quickly as possible because of the prohibitively high cost of care.

As documented by writers like the law professor Elyn R. Saks, author of the memoir “The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness,” medication and treatment work. The vast majority of people with schizophrenia, treated or untreated, are not violent, though they are more likely than others to commit violent crimes. When treated with medication after a rampage, many perpetrators who have shown signs of schizophrenia – including John Lennon’s killer and Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin – have recognized the heinousness of their actions and expressed deep remorse.

With all of the nonsense being spewed over the airwaves at anyone who would suggest that mental illness played any role in the latest school shooting and all the insistence that (correctly) most people with mental illness would never hurt anyone and therefore (incorrectly) the conversation is simple stigmatization of the mentally ill, it's so good to see people finally standing up, fighting even the APA's own ridiculous rules and telling the truth.

The NYT's history of deleting everything ASAP is rather well known so I' ll paste the text into the first comment but also visit the site and click on the related links to the top left. They speak for themselves!

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