How to get rid of religion

How to get rid of religion

How to get rid of religion

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Ok, first of all, I’m not going to live link to this guy — but here’s the source:

It’s definitely worth a read — mostly because of how strikingly similar it is to the awarenesses Jesus had about what is so ugly about religion…

In the end, I think more studies like this will ultimately explain much of the variation of religious belief among the world’s nations. And it tells us something important as activist atheists or secularists. We can’t get rid of religion simply by pointing out that it’s false, disenfranchises women, fosters guilt, and so on. Yes, those are important things to do and do make converts, but in the end, religion will be with us until we create juster, more egalitarian, and more caring societies.

He lists a whole set of stats about how religion is strongly associated with utterly messed up societies and advocates the creation of what is pretty much the opposite of neo-conservative utopia as a means of ending religion. In doing so, starts to sound almost identical to this guy: Bruxy Cavey — the pastor of one of the largest Churches in Canada and a man who has also bent on the end of religion.

I had to think: How much do true believers not share with the atheist community?

We all want to:
– End superstition.
– Cancel fear, shame and guilt.
– Erase injustice.
– End war.
– Stop the abuse of women and children.
– Equalize inequality for women etc. and stop exploitation.
– Stamp out homelessness and hunger.

And, yes, get rid of religion.

The only real difference: Atheism wants to replace religion with faith in secularism and it’s systems of corporate ideological control while followers of Christ want to replace such with a faith in the power of the love of Christ flowing through the lives of those filled with His Spirit.

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