An interesting reversal…

An interesting reversal…

An interesting reversal…

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Keep in mind that up until 1943, marijuana was part of the United States drug pharmacopeia. One of the conditions for which it was prescribed was neuropathic pain. It is a miserable pain that’s tough to treat. My own patients have described it as “lancinating, burning and a barrage of pins and needles.” While marijuana has long been documented to be effective for this awful pain, the most common medications prescribed today come from the poppy plant, including morphine, oxycodone and Dilaudid.

Here is the problem. Most of these medications don’t work very well for this kind of pain, and tolerance is a real problem.

Most frightening to me is that someone dies in the United States every 19 minutes from a prescription drug overdose, mostly accidental. Every 19 minutes. It is a horrifying statistic. As much as I searched, I could not find a documented case of death from a marijuana overdose.

It is perhaps no surprise then that 76% of physicians recently surveyed said they would approve the use of marijuana to help ease a woman’s pain from breast cancer.

Something is definitely happening here…

When CNN’s top doctor makes a public recantation of his views of smoking up and admits to having used the stuff himself, there’s a public shift going on.

When Canada’s liberal party leader adds the legalization of weed to his party’s platform, there’s something happening.

When the medical community is 76% ready to prescribe it, there’s a change in the wind.

Really, it’s appearing that the only people who have not figured out something is happening are the cops and DEA level people. But then, half of them would become unnecessary if we just ended the idiotic war on drugs that has become our little prohibition and actually put the money to fix the real problems that make people need to get stoned, to begin with.

Ya, I guess they probably NEED to keep fighting to the end…

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