• Emotional regulation
    Emotional regulation
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    Emotion regulation is generally thought to be a critical ingredient for successful interpersonal relationships. Ironically, few studies have investigated the link between how well spouses regulate emotion and how satisfied they are with their marriages.

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  • Losing my [economic] religion?
    Losing my [economic] religion?
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    Business Insider

    The Pope Just Published One Of The Most Powerful Critiques Of Modern Capitalism That You Will Ever Read.

    …here a few lines that really stand out.

    On the importance of remembering those who are less fortunate: “We can only praise the steps being taken to improve people’s welfare in areas such as health care, education and communications. At the same time, we have to remember that the majority of our contemporaries are barely living from day to day, with dire consequences.”

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  • The biology of monogamy
    The biology of monogamy
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    When the men received a nasal spray of oxytocin-which is released by the body during sexual arousal-they rated their partners more highly but not the other women. MRI scans show that after an oxytocin dose, areas of the brain associated with rewards, which also drive drug addiction, were more active when the men saw pictures of their partner, the researchers report online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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  • Followup on the FDA
    Followup on the FDA
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    Food Navigator

    This is a follow up on the already cynical post of Nov 17 — but read Food Nav’s full post — because it gets so much worse…

    98-year-old Dr Fred Kummerow is an emeritus professor of comparative biosciences at the University of Illinois who has studied heart disease for more than 60 years.

    He is seeking a judgment declaring that the FDA’s failure to ban the use of partially hydrogenated oils (the source of ‘artificial’ trans fats), and its delay in issuing a final response to his 2009 petition, violate the Administrative Procedure Act and the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

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  • How wise people think.
    How wise people think.
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    Wisdom is the ability to make sound judgments and choices based on experience. It’s a virtue according to every great philosophical and religious tradition, from Aristotle to Confucius and Christianity to Judaism, Islam to Buddhism, and Taoism to Hinduism. According to the book From Smart to Wise, wisdom distinguishes great leaders from the rest of the pack. So what does it take to cultivate wisdom?

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  • And now, from the who’da thunk it department…
    And now, from the who’da thunk it department…
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    Trans fats, once seen as harmless additives that ended up in everything from Twinkies to French fries, are finally getting the reputation they deserve – bad for health.

    For years, the FDA has labelled trans fats as “generally recognized as safe.? That term applies to substances added to foods that experts consider safe, and so can be used without testing or approval.

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  • The need for two kinds of truth.
    The need for two kinds of truth.
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    Big Think

    I think it would diminish the hostilities, which are bad for our culture if more scientists were, in fact, willing to stand up and say that faith and science need not be in conflict because right now that’s a minority view that doesn’t get heard very much and it’s apparent to some people that we are having more of a cultural war – a war that seems to imply that some worldview needs to win and some world view needs to lose.

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  • How to send people to their deaths to fight for a cause.
    How to send people to their deaths to fight for a cause.
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    These are two different ways of being cooperative-cooperation on different terms. A lot of our political disputes are about individualism versus collectivism: To what extent are we each responsible for ourselves, and to what extent are we all in this together? We see this, for example, in issues such as the health care debate and climate change.

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  • Brain aging and disease.
    Brain aging and disease.
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    Mind Body Green

    It’s then that I explain that in fact there’s a lot that they can do to meaningfully impact their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and it’s not in the form of anything purveyed on a prescription pad.

    I discuss the work of Dr. Deborah Barnes, a dedicated Alzheimer’s researcher at the University of California San Francisco whose report in the prestigious journal Lancet Neurology demonstrated that specific modifiable lifestyle factors like physical inactivity, diabetes, and smoking are associated with an astounding 54% of Alzheimer’s cases in the United States (2.9 million patients).

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  • It’s not just a kiss.
    It’s not just a kiss.
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    New York Times:

    The participants generally rated kissing in casual relationships as most important before sex, less important during sex, even less important after sex and least important “at other times.? (To clarify: researchers defined kissing as “on the lips or open-mouth (French).?)

    Past research has shown that three types of people tend to be choosier in selecting mates who are genetically fit and compatible:

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