How to avoid loosing your mind…

How to avoid loosing your mind…

How to avoid loosing your mind…

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Science 2.0

Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy of Gothenburg University previously analyzed Swedish men’s conscription results and were able to show a correlation between cardiovascular fitness as a teenager and health problems in later life. In a new paper based on data from 1.1 million young Swedish men, the Gothenburg researcher team shows that those with poorer cardiovascular fitness and/or lower IQ in their teenage years more often suffer from early-onset dementia.

“Previous studies have shown the correlation between cardiovascular fitness and the risk of dementia in old age. Now, for the first time, we can show that the increased risk also applies to early-onset dementia and its precursors,” says Sahlgrenska Academy researcher Jenny Nyberg, who headed the study.

The increased risk remained even when controlled for other risk factors, such as heredity, medical history, and social-economic circumstances.

Expressed in figures, the study shows that men who when conscripted had poorer cardiovascular fitness were 2.5 times more likely to develop early-onset dementia later in life. A lower IQ entailed a 4 times greater risk, and a combination of both poor cardiovascular fitness and low IQ entailed a 7 times greater risk of early-onset dementia.

Ok, for the record, correlation does not prove causation and IQ is increasingly being discredited as measuring almost nothing of value. The only real evidence of value here has to do with early/late onset Dementia.

But, that evidence is essential. And, when you are talking about a correlation derived from studying 1.1 million research subjects properly controlled for nearly everything, it is definitely one in-your-face clue only fools would ignore…

What it’s saying? If you want to more then double your chances of losing your mind either now or in old age, then DON’T Exercise.

Yes, it’s that stark.

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