How hallucinogenic experiences can treat anxiety.

How hallucinogenic experiences can treat anxiety.

How hallucinogenic experiences can treat anxiety.

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The Atlantic

Dr. Ross and his team report that the vast majority of their patients have exhibited an immediate and sustained reduction in anxiety. Consistent with similar studies involving psilocybin, approximately three-fourths of the participants rate their experience with the drug as being one of the top five most significant events of their lives.

I asked Dr. Ross how a medication is taken only once can have such an enduring effect. “One way to think of it,” he replied, “is that these experiences are profoundly memorable. When something really bad happens, PTSD can occur. It activates the amygdala where emotional memories are formed. Symptoms can last for years. Dramatic negative events can create symptoms for a long period of time, and it seems that way with very positive experiences too. In my own life, I think about the birth of my kids. It was a profound event that caused great changes in my life. I think these psychedelic events are similar to that.”

I sat across the table from O.M., examining his perfectly normal neck. He smiled as he demonstrated the way he used to palpate his lymph nodes – fingers curling expertly into position behind his left ear like those of a virtuoso violinist. “Now, in medical school, I’m learning to palpate other people’s lymph nodes,” he added. “I’m the best.”

His hands dropped easily back onto the table, resting peacefully there before him. It was hard to imagine that this man had ever been sick.

“At the hospital, they gave me Xanax for anxiety,” he said. “Xanax doesn’t get rid of your anxiety. Xanax tells you not to feel it for a while until it stops working and you take the next pill. The beauty of psilocybin is: it’s not medication. You’re not taking it and it solves your problem. You take it and you solve your problem yourself.”

Ironic isn’t it?

Scientists are finally being allowed to… research. And, confirming what every native tribe on the continent has known for thousands of years:

What the government refers to as an illegal drug is actually a pretty effective medicine that grows wild in the woods.

While there is no way I’d ever recommend someone do this, I’ve seen a couple of clients over the years who were so desperate they finally took matters into their own hands and undertook this treatment. And, for both, it worked — just as well as it worked for thousands of years before.

But, it’s too bad they had to break the law to do so…

(BTW: Both were highly knowledgable people who had or were completing science degrees, could test what they were taking, and knew exactly what they were doing. Do NOT try this at home…)

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