How fear based control thinks.

How fear based control thinks.

How fear based control thinks.

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The Province

The idea of a tent for cops to stake out the beach didn’t go swimmingly with some of the nudists Monday.

“Everybody’s been down here for years,” said “Croc,” a local fixture.

“We see things before they go down.

“We see the people who are being jerks. We confront them, and they don’t come back.”

“Having a police tent is a ridiculous, unnecessary idea,” said an angry woman who refers to herself as “Swims With Seals.”

“I don’t think a police tent has to be installed. Maybe they can just use an umbrella.”

Grainger said that if any officers act less than professionally at the beach, they will be re-assigned.

“Did you like the view?” one young woman asked Winpenny flirtatiously, apparently reacting to the sight of a female officer in uniform.

The smell of marijuana wafted by regularly, but Grainger and Winpenny simply shrugged their shoulders.

“After decades of patrolling this beach,” Grainger said, “we know we can’t ticket and arrest our way out of this.”

Control is the strategic application of shame, fear or guilt to extract the compliance of another without paying the relational costs which would cause him or her to meet your needs because of desire to do so.

It’s the way all systems of force (Governments, police, religious organizations etc.) operate. It’s also a way of thinking that blinds the practitioners to any other means.

As strange as it is, this beach is a perfect example of the alternative. A bunch of hippies want to lay around naked — and sometimes smoke dope. They take over a beach — and unconsciously develop their own code of conduct which they successfully enforce for decades through nothing more than words.

The police admit they can not, “Ticket and arrest,” their way to anything different. So, why set up a tent and make their own impotence even more glaringly obvious?

Because, once shame, fear or guilt based control gets going in life, a marriage, a society, a system of government, a police system or anywhere, it blinds the practitioners of such to even fully functional alternatives standing before them naked telling them that the alternative works and begging them to go away.

Because my way is the ONLY way — and that’s all the justification I need to force you to __________…

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