And then again, perhaps you DON’T want to date her…

And then again, perhaps you DON’T want to date her…

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James M. Sama

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing things that good men don’t do, as well as things that they need to do better. But we must not forget that there are two sides to relationships and that men need to know what to look out for in women, also.

Men are used to pursuing women, so she shows interest back in our direction, it’s natural to overlook the red flags for the fact that she makes us feel wanted or perhaps how beautiful she is. But we need to discipline ourselves to slow down and be honest – does she display these warning signs?

The whole article is worth reading — and some of the comments are even more telling. But, here are the highlights.

She doesn’t appreciate things.

Nothing is ever her fault.

She keeps you on a tight leash.

She’s inconsistent.

You’re the only one she’s nice to.

She feels entitled, all the time.

You argue way too much.

Your visions for the future aren’t even close.

What gets me the most about this list? It’s almost always the nice guys that get this type of girlfriend.

The guys who responded to a controlling and overbearing mother by putting women in their place and even using them, the guys who cary a quiet chip on their shoulder towards women — these women never even go near them.

The guys who are gentle, soft, have no desire for games and who can’t imagine a woman would play them. The guys who are just looking to be safe and loved in a mutually giving relationship and who struggle with setting boundaries because they cary some order of guilt or shame — the above type of woman is ALL over them.

And, worst of all, he thinks its his fault…

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