The power of small.

The power of small.

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I’ve spent two years meeting with a class of people I call “Invisibles? — highly skilled professionals whose work is critical to whatever enterprise they’re a part of, yet who go largely unnoticed by the public. I wanted to know, in a culture where recognition is so prized that fame is often an end unto itself, what kind of person thrives — both professionally and personally — behind the scenes?

The zeitgeist today declares that in order to matter, to exist even, you must be seen; yet these people who work without public recognition are some of the most satisfied among us. And in the era of business consultants and marketing gurus extolling the value of the “branded self? and of building a personal “platform,? many of these professionals, often self-effacing and who choose to be seen as members of a team even while in leadership roles, have reached the top of their fields, are well paid, and are even at the helm of multimillion-dollar endeavors.

How did they achieve this when they weren’t promoting themselves?

This article is never more true then when applied to the world of Psychology. The guy with the branded image, the huge book, the TV appearances, the massive conferences — yep, he’s the guy with the least to say because he spent all of his time crafting that image instead of thinking, learning and trying out what he learned on himself to see if it works.

And, frankly, he’s spouting the ideas the rest of us spend way too much time talking other people out of believing…

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