How to survive a technically mixed marriage.

How to survive a technically mixed marriage.

How to survive a technically mixed marriage.

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They say that mixed marriages between geeks and non-geeks are 60 percent more likely to fail. Surprised? Well, you should be, because I completely made that up. But it is true that such a tech-unbalanced marriage can be more difficult than most, but that doesn’t mean your love of tech needs to doom the marriage.

When I met my wife, she knew that I was an engineering student, so to some degree, she had a fair warning that I was a tech geek three years before we got married. This is typically the case in most relationships, so once a geek and a non-geek get married at least the element of geekiness isn’t a surprise – even though the degree of geekiness might be.

Those things come out once you get married and start living together. She realizes that you tend to stay up until 3 am playing video games on the weekend. He realizes that you fiddle around with a Raspberry Pi for fun at a small electronics lab in the corner of your bedroom. These are the small things that can build resentment over time, but if you’re a relationship savvy geek, there are some creative ways to use the technology you love to bring you and your spouse even closer together.

All I can say is, this works. It took me years but I finally even got Ros hooked on an iPad…

Then what you hang on until you have kids. Kids are like the geek equivalent of a license-to-kill because, even if she thinks you are nuts to be doing something, she’ll still melt in a puddle when she sees you playing with your kids — as you are teaching them the exact same completely geekish thing…


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