Is it all in his/her eyes?

Is it all in his/her eyes?

Is it all in his/her eyes?

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Science comes to dating: you can now definitively tell if the stranger in front of you is looking for a romantic connection, or simply wants sex. It’s all in their eye movement, researchers reveal.

No matter how the two crosses over, one is always more dominant, University of Chicago’s Stephanie Cacioppo, lead author on the study, writes.

If your eyes make the split-second decision to make eye contact, it’s good news for the other person if they’re looking for an emotional connection. However, if you tend to wander anywhere below the face, chances are you’re more in it for the sex.

Obviously, this is science finally getting around to proving what we’ve always known.

So few people ever bother to pay attention to this simple behaviour. Fewer still will admit to themselves that people make the decision whether to try and love you or use you within the first few seconds of meeting you and no amount of hoping or wishing will change that.

Then they wonder why they were so deceived…

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