How to make a man love you.

How to make a man love you.

How to make a man love you.

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Men who interacted with a responsive female individual perceived her as more feminine and as more sexually attractive than did men in the unresponsive condition. Women are more cautious than men when interpreting a stranger’s expressions of responsiveness, and their perceptions of the stranger, which were seemingly unaffected by perceived responsiveness, may reflect conflicting trends among different women. “Some women, for example, may interpret responsiveness negatively and feel uncomfortable about a new acquaintance who seems to want to be close. Such feelings may impair sexual attraction to this responsive stranger. Other women may perceive a responsive stranger as warm and caring and therefore as a desirable long-term partner,” Dr. Birnbaum elaborates.

The third and final study tested the possibility that responsiveness may activate motivational mechanisms for men that fuel pursuit of either short-term or long-term sexual relationship opportunities. A female partner’s actual responsiveness led men to perceive her as more feminine, and consequently to feel more sexually aroused. Heightened sexual arousal, in turn, was linked to both increased perception of partner attractiveness and a greater desire for a long-term relationship with that partner.

It would be borderline absurd that this even needed to be published – much less researched – except that, after 42 years of radical feminist rhetoric, yes, it actually needed to be published:

Ladies, would you like a man to want a chance at loving you? You don’t have to be his doormat, dominatrix or his sex toy.

(That sound you hear — it’s your great grandmother laughing hysterically from her grave…)


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