Why do we trust those who use us?

Why do we trust those who use us?

Why do we trust those who use us?

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People who are overconfident in their own abilities are considered more talented by others than they really are, a new study finds.

These overconfident individuals are probably more likely to get promoted, to become the leaders of organizations and even nations.

On the other hand, people who are not so confident in their abilities are judged as less competent than they actually are.

“…[since] overconfident individuals are more likely to be risk-prone, then by promoting such individuals we may be creating institutions such as banks, trading floors and armies, that are also more vulnerable to risk.

From our smallest interactions to the institutions we build, self-deception may play a profound role in shaping the world we inhabit.” (Lamba & Nityananda, 2014).

I see this in the field of psychology as well. There are so many experts out there packing out entire churches teaching utter nonsense about erotic materials (Usually misnamed porn), addiction to such and the like.

They passionately deliver a disproven message our professors were mocking in grad school 20yrs ago and then hand out the elastic bands to wear around your wrist (To give yourself a snap if you think a naughty thought) as a means of credible treatment… They strut, they preen, they pummel the listener with guilt and shame and they set up the spouse to do the same.

And people follow — in droves…


Because real science always sounds qualified or quantified, is backed by the research of others, speaks within parameters and offers probabilities — not wild promises.

That sort of a tone just doesn’t make anyone an Evangelical star, a crusader for righteousness, pack out sanctuaries or make lots of money selling course materials…

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