Looking forward to the awkward conversations of Christmas?

Looking forward to the awkward conversations of Christmas?

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You put that person in the position to be an expert, and you value you them enough to ask for their opinion. Plus, you are actually listening to them versus talking. Most people talk significantly more than they listen because they are trying to “sell” themselves and get validation or approval from someone else. Validate and approve yourself and you move past a major obstacle so many people get caught up in.

Also, it is powerful when you give people positive feedback, praise, or a compliment, but only when it is genuine. If you find out someone got a new job, congratulate them. If you hang out with someone often and they make you laugh, tell them. If you run into someone and they are wearing something striking, mention it. If someone makes a good suggestion or idea, tell them. The key here is to be genuine and specific about the comment you are about to make.

Social awkwardness and even social anxiety can often be cut in half through a simple step called, “Scripting.”

Scripting is a simple set of flexible and interchangeable lines that serve to get you through the rough patches when, normally, you would be unable to think of anything to say.

The above linked is a simple but effective set of party focused scripts that can get you through what so many dread the most:

The obligatory company Christmas party.

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