Does your brain need training?

Does your brain need training?

Does your brain need training?

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Psych Central

In a society that glorifies brain-related companies such as Lumosity, it’s important to note that while their goal is moral, their process is inherently flawed.

As an Integrative Neuroscience major at Binghamton University, I can understand why parents and children alike fall for the tempting ways to enhance your brain’s functioning. After all, it’s no secret that as we begin to age, our memory and other senses begin to fade gradually and sometimes rather abruptly. Nevertheless, the market for these brain-training websites is alive and thriving.

I see so many clients wasting their time and money on this sort of scam — often even promoted by medical professionals and other therapists.

Meanwhile, no one is reading a book, debating philosophy over drinks with a friend, exploring issues of faith with a spiritual director or simply exercising hard.

Things that would actually train your brain…

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