The secret to really turning a woman on!

The secret to really turning a woman on!

The secret to really turning a woman on!

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By examining results from these three sexual fantasy measures, the three Canada-based researchers that published the study found;

‘direct evidence that object of desire themes are linked more to women’s sexuality than they are to men’s.’

How integral object of desire self-consciousness (ODSC) is to a woman’s sexual relationships is likely to vary, being largely dependent on how her sexual self-schemas, that is, her cognitive representation of her sexual self, represents her as an object of desire.

As the lead author of the study explains:

‘If a woman is schematic [for ODSC], and she does perceive that she is an object of desire within her relationship, then her level of sexual desire and sexual activity may be fairly high. If, on the other hand, she does not feel a sense of her own desirability or being an object of desire, she may have very little sexual desire.’

While for some women, being an object of desire really turns them on, should we play on this objectification of women to get into women’s fantasies, minds and dare we say, their pants? Well, socioculturally speaking we already do so.

The therapeutic community has been saying for years that one of the deepest desires of the feminine relational soul is to feel both desired and desirable on every level (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual) and that the desire to feel such is, at least at some level, foundational to a woman’s sense of romantic love.

So, on one level, the above linked is hardly news — though, the use of, “Desire,” as a synonym for, “Objectification,” the politically correct tip-toeing and the glaring level of hand-wringing in the full article are all entertaining evidence of how uncomfortable that reality makes so many ideologues…

On another level, we now have hard and fast numbers to prove that assertion and to call into question the foundation of so much of feminist ideology about the dance of human sexuality and, perhaps, to even seriously question the impact of regimented clothing policies on developing adolescent’s sexualities.

We finally have the ability to stand up and call the God-designed dance of desire, attraction, seduction and enticement for what it is: Beautiful.

But, really, no one who has any interest in exercising shame, fear or guilt based control of sexuality is going to be at all happy with this. And, it almost goes without saying that the Evangelical right/moral purity/sex is evil/it’s-a-woman’s-fault-I-feel-tempted set hasn’t even weighed in yet…

When they do, make popcorn!!!


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